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A nicely designed outdoor space becomes an extension of your home and creates a warm and welcoming environment for family and friends. Enjoy the great outdoors long after summer has passed by shopping the variety of patio heaters at Ace Hardware. Our outside heaters add much-needed warmth when the weather turns cooler. They also bring attractive design to your deck, patio, porch or other outdoor gathering spot.

How Do Propane Patio Heaters Work?

Propane patio heaters use a method of heat transfer referred to as radiant heat to warm up your deck or patio. Using a radiant heating element and a dome or shield mechanism, propane patio heaters work to spread heat uniformly throughout your space.

Outdoor deck heaters come in a large variety of sizes and styles. Use this guide to learn how you could benefit from adding an outside patio heater to your favorite outdoor areas.

Benefits of Outside Heaters

When entertaining friends, hosting backyard barbeques or hanging out with the family, an outside heater offers a practical way to add warmth and comfort even on the chilliest of nights. Here are just a few reasons to consider adding an outdoor deck heater to your space:

Patio Heaters Extend the Outside Season

Patios, porches and decks are ideal spots to relax and entertain, and you shouldn't have to cut the season short just because temperatures are changing. A patio heater can allow you to enjoy your outdoor living space longer.

Propane Patio Heaters are Portable

With no fixed fuel lines, propane patio heaters can be moved from spot to spot as the need for warmth changes. Many propane patio heater models are designed with internal compartments that store propane cylinders, too.

Outdoor Deck Heaters are Safe

The base of propane patio heaters remains cool to the touch, and most models don't emit open flames. The only parts of an outside heater that produce heat are the dome at the top and the emitter screen since they come into direct contact with the heating element. Many patio heaters are also equipped with a safety tilt valve that automatically turns the heater off if it's accidentally tipped or tilted over when in use.

What Size of Outdoor Patio Heater Do You Need?

BTUs, or British Thermal Units, refer to the amount of energy required to heat a pound of water by one-degree Fahrenheit. A single BTU is equivalent to the energy produced by a matchstick.

Outdoor patio heater power is measured in BTUs. The higher the number of BTUs produced, the greater the heat output will be. Patio heaters can produce anywhere from 10,000 to over 30,000 BTUs.

To give you a good idea of what type of outdoor deck heater you might need, patio heaters that produce 10,000 BTUs can efficiently heat spaces ranging from 400 to 450 sq. ft. Outside heaters that produce 21,000 BTUs can heat spaces ranging from 1,000 to 1,200 sq. ft. Remember to place your patio heater in the center of your space to best heat the area. 

Shop for Outdoor Patio Heaters Now

When the days start to get short, stay outside a little longer by outfitting your space with the right outdoor patio heater from Ace Hardware. Explore our collection of propane patio heaters now. Then, add the finishing touch to your outdoor area by browsing our array of comfortable swings and gliders.