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A home swimming pool gives an amazing boost to your quality of life in the summer months, letting you cool off whenever you need. But without proper care and maintenance, a pool can quickly become cloudy, unhygienic and unpleasant for swimming.

Our range of swimming pool supplies, and pool equipment takes the trouble out of keeping your pool clean, healthy, and inviting all summer long.

Our Pool Equipment and Supplies 

Swimming pool maintenance starts with pool chemicals and chlorinators to reduce bacteria, algae and other organisms that can turn the water cloudy and unhealthy. But, simply pouring cleaners into the water is not enough for the long-term protection of both your pool and swimmers. That is why our range of hardware and accessories helps you keep your pool in top shape with minimum effort.

Above Ground Pool Filters and Pumps

Choose a powerful swimming pool pump to circulate your pool water quickly and efficiently, passing it through a pool filter to remove debris. Our range includes above ground pumps that can fully cycle a home pool of any size within the recommended 8 to 24 hours.
We also stock all the connectors, hoses and pipes you need to hook up your pump to all types of home swimming pools and spas, along with replacement filter sand and other essentials.

Floating Pool Chlorinators 

Automatically keep your pool water sanitized for healthy, clear swimming conditions using our floating pool chlorinators that deliver the precise amounts of chlorine needed for safety. We also stock electronic chemical monitors to ensure your water stays properly treated.

Pool Skimmers 

Easily remove leaves, insects and other debris from the surface of your pool to keep it neat and tidy with an above ground pool skimmer or standard pool skimmer. We stock lightweight but sturdy models, with poles up to 192 inches long to handle almost any residential swimming pool size.

Pool Vacuum Cleaners and Pool Brushes 

A pool vacuum cleaner makes it a breeze to remove debris and grime from the base of your pool. Our selection includes above ground pool vacuums and standard pool vacuum cleaners to fit pools and spas in a variety of sizes.
Keep the walls and base of your pool clean and tidy with specifically designed brushes. Built with soft bristles and curved profiles, they clean thoroughly but gently to protect your pool.

Repair and Patching Supplies

Even the toughest above ground pools can sometimes spring a leak. Our heavy duty vinyl repair patches, strips and adhesives can stop a minor puncture from turning into a disaster, providing a long-lasting fix in minutes.

Full Pool Maintenance Kits 

When combined with one of our pump and filter systems, our swimming pool maintenance kits contain everything you need to keep your pool in great condition. Save money and time by buying skimmers, vacuums, chlorine dispensers and more in one handy package.

Quality Swimming Pool Supplies Near You 

Shop here or head to your local Ace store for all the maintenance equipment and swimming pool accessories you need, including shatter-resistant, waterproof swimming pool thermometers so you can check the water temperature for comfort before jumping in.

If you need advice on any aspect of pool care and upkeep, contact your nearest Ace store and our expert staff will be happy to help you keep your swimming pool fresh and clean all year long.