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Traeger Rubs & Sauces 

Getting the perfect, mouthwatering flavor is about more than just quality meats and preparation. Take your grilling game to the next level with Traeger rubs, BBQ sauces, seasonings, spices and more from Ace. Browse our selection of rubs and spices online now to find the perfect flavors for your next meal.

Traeger Rubs & Seasonings

Smoke brisket, grill delicious chicken, cook flavorful steaks and turn out other incredible meats just like the pros. Traeger rubs and seasonings come in a variety of flavors, including rich and savory, sweet, spicy and completely unique, to help you perfect your favorite grilling recipes. Find classic go-to rubs for traditional outdoor cooking, plus new seasonings to help expand your culinary boundaries. Designed with 100 percent natural ingredients, these rubs provide the perfect flavor profile for a range of meats. While you shop, look at the labels to determine which pellets and sauces pair best with each rub.

After you find the perfect option for your next cookout, use these helpful tips for using Traeger rubs:

  • Measure your dry rub ahead of time. Rubs that have touched meat can't be saved for food safety reasons.
  • Mist fish and chicken with water before applying the rub to help it stick.
  • Use your hands to apply the rub.
  • Apply dry rubs under chicken skin as well as on the outside.
  • Thoroughly coat both sides, unless you're cooking skin-on fish.
  • Let the rub rest on the meat. 15 minutes to two hours is ideal depending on the strength of the rub you're working with.
  • Use rubs and dry seasonings for your veggies for more impressive flavor.

Traeger BBQ Sauce

BBQ sauces pair well with every food that touches your grill grates. Traeger offers a selection of BBQ sauces that are sweet, savory, smoky and spicy. Get your favorites for tried-and-true dishes like barbecue chicken, or try out seasonal and specialty varieties for pulled pork and more.

Here are a few ideas for working with Traeger BBQ sauce this grilling season:

  • Apply savory barbecue sauces early. 30 minutes to an hour helps the flavor penetrate the surface of the meat. Marinade-style sauces can stay on meats longer.
  • Wait until the meat hits the grill to apply sweet sauces. Sweet sauces can burn quickly on a hot grill. Start light and apply extra coats of sauce as needed.
  • Keep sauce and a clean brush on standby at your grilling station. Adding two to three coats of sauce is standard for most meats.
  • Reserve a portion of sauce for serving. Extra sauce keeps the meat moist and adds punch to your finished dish.

Shop Ace Hardware for Traeger rubs, BBQ sauces, seasonings and spices for your next cookout. You can also find a new grill or smoker, a huge selection of grilling tools and Traeger wood pellets to add extra flavor to your simple and complex dishes. For tips and information about which sauces, seasonings and pellets to cook certain foods with, head to your neighborhood store. We’ll help make it easier for you to choose the perfect combination for every delectable meal.