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Traeger Grill Covers 

As the pride of your backyard, your Traeger grill deserves to be protected from the elements. When you’re not grilling up your favorite cuts of meat, cover your top-rated Traeger with a high-quality grill cover. Available in a range of sizes and styles, including durable insulation blanket covers, you can keep your investment clean and fully protected from the elements, all while helping ensure a consistently delicious flavor every time you barbecue. Shop Ace Hardware online now to find the best Traeger cover for your grill.

What Makes Traeger Grill Covers Different

Traeger grill covers are form-fitted for your Traeger grill to ensure a perfect fit. Non-Traeger grill covers may leave a gap at the bottom of your grill, which may allow snow, ice and water to get inside. Other grill covers may fit too loosely, which can cause them to blow away or even damage your grill in windy weather. When you buy a Traeger grill cover, you can trust that they’ll keep your grill fully protected from rain, snow, dirt and wind, so it’s ready to be fired up whenever you get a craving. Browse full-length grill cover sizes to help ensure thorough protection from dust, dirt and weather all year long.

Not only are Traeger grill covers sized to fit, they are also built to last. All-weather Traeger grill covers are durable and fully weather-resistant, keeping your grill pristine right up to the second you want to start turning out your favorite meats and veggies.

Look for heavy-duty covers that are form-fitted for your Traeger size and model to help ensure proper protection from year-round elements. Once you find the perfect fit, choose from sleek black covers or camouflage designs to keep your grill backyard and backwoods ready.

Traeger Grill Insulation Blankets

The winter season doesn’t have to put an end to grilling. With a Traeger insulation blanket, you can keep your grill in top condition, even when the weather takes a turn. Insulation blankets offer the following benefits in cold, chilly weather:

  •  Solid buffer between your grill and the elements
  •   Insulation to maintain more consistent temperatures
  • Eliminates burning through extra pellets in cold conditions

Just like Traeger grill covers, these insulation blankets are sized to perfectly fit specific grill models. If the weather drops below 35 degrees Fahrenheit, simply switch out your all-weather grill cover with one of these top-rated insulation blankets to keep it in top condition and ready for use, even in the snow.

Shield your grill from the wind, rain, sun, snow and sleet. Whatever nature throws at you, your grill will be able to keep up. Shop online at Ace to find the best Traeger grill and grill cover for you. For more expert tips and advice, head to your neighborhood store to get help from our friendly staff. We’ll help make it easier to find the best grill and accessories you need to create mouthwatering meals all year long.