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Weber Grill Tools 

There's no comparison to food cooked on the grill, and having the right BBQ utensils at your disposal is crucial to take your grilling skills to the next level. Shop the selection of Weber grill tools at Ace Hardware. and get closer to achieving grilling perfection.

Weber BBQ tools options

No matter your level of grilling experience, to cook the perfect meal every time, the best BBQ tools are a necessity. Weber's BBQ utensils let you toss and turn the delicious meats and veggies you're grilling, cook food at the right temperature, and clean your grill with greater ease.

Get great results each time you fire up your grill by checking out our collection of must-have Weber grill tools. Learn more about the incredible Weber gas grill accessories Ace offers with this helpful guide:

Ensure grilling perfection with a digital meat thermometer

A Weber digital meat thermometer is incredibly easy to use. Monitor the doneness of your food from beginning to end by mounting a digital thermometer directly to your grill or opting for a Weber single-probe option to place directly inside the meat you're grilling. Weber's Bluetooth-connected digital thermometers can send notifications to your smart device once the meats reach the ideal temperature.

Safely turn food with long-handled grill tool sets

A good set of grill tools should have extra-long handles so you can safely handle hot foods. Look for a Weber grill tool set made with durable stainless-steel construction that's not prone to rusting or breaking. Flip burgers, turn hot dogs or hold steaks in place with a grill tool set featuring an angled spatula that reaches over the edge of the grill, hands-free locking tongs for compact storage, and a super sturdy grilling fork that pierces food without shredding it.

Keep your grill clean with a Weber grill brush

Keep yesterday's BBQ chicken from tainting the flavor of today's grilled veggies by thoroughly cleaning your grill grates after each use so every meal is as delicious as the last. Choose a wide brush head that can efficiently clean any size surface, and effortlessly dislodge debris that's trapped in-between grates with a brush featuring shorter sides. Rather than attempting to clean your grill after it's cooled off, wait until it's nice and hot when sticky barbeque sauces and other leftovers will come off with greater ease.

Protect your hands with high-temperature BBQ gloves

The oven mitts you use in the kitchen may not suffice when dealing with an intensely hot grill. Protect your hands from heat and flames as you're flipping burgers, moving food from one side of the grill to the other, or handling hot coals with a pair of Weber high-temperature gloves. Opt for a heat-resistant material with maximum flexibility so you can easily handle your grill and BBQ tools.

Add extra cooking space with a Weber grilling rack

Prepare veggies and sides alongside the steaks you're searing with a grill top accessory. While burgers are grilling, warm up your toppings and toast your buns on a rack that adds enough space for cooking larger meals simultaneously.

Enhance your grilling experience with Weber grill tools

To make the most of your cookouts, you'll need the best BBQ tools at your fingertips. Find everything you need to master your grilling skills by shopping Weber BBQ tools online or at your neighborhood Ace Hardware store.

Find replacement parts and grates for your Weber grill in our impressive selection, too.