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About Paint & Varnish Chemical Removers

A refinished piece of furniture or cabinetry often requires more than an additional coat of paint or varnish and when it takes more than elbow grease to remove a stubborn adhesive, it’s time to enlist the help of a liquid remover. Varnish, paint and glue removers make re-painting, refinishing or simply cleaning up an old surface much easier.

Caulk, paint and glue are used to create finished looks or complete projects, but if not applied perfectly these materials can be quite unforgiving. When sealing a window frame, for example, over applied caulk can quickly smear or even harden within view. Caulk removers are formulated to penetrate and dissolve the dried compound within hours to help you peel or wipe it away.

When looking to restore a piece of wood furniture or cabinetry to its original condition paint stripper breaks down layers of paint and finishes so these layers can be easily removed. What had previously been a labor-intensive task can quickly become a manageable step in the process.