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About Specialty Paints

When people typically think of paint, traditional buckets of interior and exterior paint come to mind. But, there are many other surfaces in and outside your home that could benefit from a first or fresh coat. With a great selection of specialty paints, Ace Hardware can help you find the finish you’re looking for, for your floors, swimming pool, kitchen cabinets and more.

Swimming pool paint helps protect the floor and walls of your in-ground pool by creating a water-retaining seal or barrier and resists fading, fungus and algae growth. When it’s time for a fresh coat, it’s helpful to use the same type of pool paint previously used or consider having your pool sandblasted if the existing painted surface is several layers deep. This will help the swimming pool paint adhere better extending its longevity.

Bare garage and carport floors tend absorb stains from automotive grease and other vehicle fluids. Good garage floor paint or concrete paint, often made with epoxy, will not only freshen up the look of your space, but it also helps prevent stains and makes liquid spills much easier to clean up.

Another surface regularly combating spills, wear and stains is your kitchen countertop. But, with granite and stone increasing in popularity over the last several years, updating your kitchen can become a costly venture. A less expensive alternative is counter top paint. Countertop paint kits can help you transform a laminate surface into the look of a natural stone surface with a much lower price tag.

When it comes to specialty paint, Ace Hardware carries the unique and specific varieties you need. For more information, visit an expert at your local Ace.