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If there's a possibility that flooding will occur in your crawl space or basement, your sump pump is designed to collect excess water and redirect it away from your home. Your sump pump is your home's best line of defense against basement flooding. It's no surprise then that if your sump pump begins to fail, you could be left to deal with the aftermath of a serious flooding issue.

Fortunately, Ace Hardware carries a wide variety of complete pump repair kits and quality pump repair parts to keep your pump working in top-notch condition. Read on to learn about the different pump replacement parts we have in stock to find compatible parts for your specific make and model.

Common Types of Sump Pump Replacement Parts

You might not give much thought to the performance of your sump pump unless an obvious problem becomes apparent. Whether certain parts are overdue for replacement or you're looking to add new pump accessories to increase the functionality of your current system, sump pump repair parts play a critical role in the well-being of your pump. If you think your sump pump may be failing the following are five signs your sump pump could be failing or in need of repair: 

  1. Making strange noises – Unusual sounds can mean the sump pump has worn or damaged parts. 
  2. Vibrates Excessively when Running – if your pump has sucked in debris it can begin to damage the pump and cause it to vibrate excessively. 
  3. Runs All the Time or for Extended Periods of Time – if your sump pump is running all the time you are likely experiencing a failing switch. If your pump is running for usually long times it is likely because the pump doesn’t have the power to get pull the water. 
  4. Cycles of Turning On and Off – If your pump is constantly turning on and off the switch is likely failing. 
  5. Old Age – If you have had your pump close to 10 years you should start considering replacing it. Typically, a sump pump will last about 10 years before failing. 

 Here's a breakdown of some of the most important pump replacement parts:

Sump Pump Seals

Over time, your sump pump seal may become cracked or damaged, resulting in oil leaks. A leaking sump pump seal can put your pump at risk of not having adequate lubrication in key areas of the motor whenever it's running. Leaking oil may also be an indication that water is seeping into sensitive areas of the pump, which could cause it to burn out. Replacement sump pump seals prevent leaks in both submersible and pedestal sump pumps.

Sump Pump Replacement Switches

Sump pump switches are the main mechanisms that control sump pumps. They're rated by cycles and usually have predictable lifespans. These switches will often fail long before sump pumps do, but without functioning switches, the pump will fail to operate. If your switch begins to show signs of aging, you're sure to find a compatible sump pump replacement switch in our inventory of pump replacement parts.

Sump Pump Hoses

Sump pump hoses are responsible for getting rid of the water and fluids that your sump pump has collected. These hoses connect directly to the actual sump pump system located in your basemen, and they snake excess water outdoors.

Sump Pump Alarms

After you've made an investment in a sump pump, you expect it to work effectively at all times. However, you cannot always predict when a problem will pop up that could subject your basement to flooding. Fortunately, seeing multiple water puddles in your space isn't the only way to realize that something's gone wrong with your sump pump. Sump pump alarms are designed to alert you if your sump pump suddenly quits working. These alarms are equipped with water-sensing probes that send alerts if they come incontact with water.

Sump Pump Float Switches

Float switches are one of the most important component of sump pumps. They're used to turn on the sump pump at certain water levels to ensure it turns on and off whenever you need it to.

Whenever your sump pump isn't performing properly, discover the best variety of pump repair kits and sump pump replacement parts at Ace. Looking for a new pump? Explore our collection of pumps and pump parts from the most trusted brands in the industry.