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To maximize the performance and efficiency of your well system, having the right well water storage tank is important. Learn the benefits of well holding tanks, and find out how to choose the proper water storage tank in horizontal or vertical options for your system from the helpful team at Ace Hardware.

What is a Well Water Tank?

Well systems need a well holding tank to store water and prevent the pump from turning on and off each time the faucet is used. Well pump tanks usually come in the form of basic containers called air-over-water-tanks or more modern applications called pressure tanks. Smaller models of pressure tanks can often hold the same amount of water as larger air-over-water tanks.

How Do Pressurized Well Tanks Work?

Since they're constructed with a vinyl bladder that contains water with pressurized air around the tank, pressure tanks are commonly referred to as bladder tanks or pre-charged tanks. A check valve prevents water from leaking out of the bladder until a faucet is opened inside the house. Then, pressurized air forces the water to disperse throughout the pipes.

Even though water goes both in and out of the tank, pressurized pump tanks are designed with a single pipe that connects to the tank. Once water inside the pressurized well tank drops below a certain level, a pressure switch is activated which turns on the pump. The pump then refills the tank, allowing plenty of water to flow through your home on an ongoing basis.

Benefits of Well Tank Systems

Pressurized well pump tanks offer a larger availability of usable water above the ground. Since a well holding tank acts as a reservoir, it allows water to be drawn from the tank without causing the pump to cycle on and off every time the faucet is turned on, which preserves the longevity of the pump. Well pump tanks also help to keep water pressure and temperatures more consistent.

Water Tank Sizing Tips

A water tank that's too small could cause your pump to cycle on and off too frequently, while one that's too large could cause the water to stagnate, resulting in an odd smell or taste. To have constant water pressure throughout the entire house, choosing an appropriately sized pump tank for your well is important.

Since a well holding tank is designed to preserve the lifespan of your water pump, it's crucial for you to have a tank that's large enough to store the water your household requires. When purchasing a new well holding tank, make sure you evaluate how many people are in your household and how much water your household uses on a regular basis.

If you're having difficulty factoring your water usage requirements, when in doubt, it may be better to go with a larger model. If you have questions, the friendly experts at Ace are always standing by to help you evaluate which pump tank model might best suit your needs.

Where to Find the Best Array of Well Holding Tanks

To take the guesswork out of finding the best water tank for you, visit Ace Hardware online or in-store today. We'll gladly assist you in identifying which model and size you might need to preserve the longevity of your well water storage system.

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