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One of the most important finishing touches to a bathroom remodel is the type of shower door you install. Choosing the right one will have a strong impact on the looks and convenience of your bathroom, whether you're fitting sliding doors for a walk-in shower or hinged shower doors for a tub.

We offer shower door kits, individual doors, and the hardware and accessories you need to install, repair or replace any kind of shower door.

Why Choose Shower Doors Instead of Curtains? 

A shower curtain might be a cheaper option, but glass shower doors offer several important benefits. They're more sturdy and secure, they're easier to keep clean, and they're better at keeping water inside the shower or tub instead of on the floor.

Shower Door Types 

Choosing a shower door can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Here are a few factors to consider when making your decision: 

The first thing to think about when choosing a shower door is the opening style.

Sliding Shower Doors

Made from two panels which hang from a rack and glide past each other, bypass or sliding shower doors are good for larger showers. Their sliding construction means they take up very little floorspace, and they're also a convenient style for wider bathtub shower doors.

Hinged Shower Doors

Opening either inward or outward, hinged shower doors can take up a little more room, but are convenient for corner or cubicle showers. The hinges are most often fixed to the bathroom wall and so don't need a shower frame.

Pivot Shower Doors

Pivot doors are similar to hinged, but supported by attachments above and below the door instead of at the side. With pivot doors, the weight is supported by the frame of the shower cubicle.

Framed or Frameless 

Next, choose the type of frame that best suits your bathroom decor. Frameless doors are mainly glass, and suit a modern, sleek design.

However, an anodized aluminum frame offers a sturdier door, with a long and corrosion-free life. Frames are available finished in a variety of colors, including black, silver, white and natural look.

Glass Thickness 

Shower door glass commonly ranges from 3/16" up to half an inch thick. Thicker glass is tougher and a good choice for frameless doors, although it will need stronger support from its hinges, guides or pivots.

The glass itself can have a range of coatings and finishes for privacy and looks, including pebbled, frosted and rain effects.

Shower Door Hardware, Fittings, and Accessories 

If you're installing a replacement shower door, you'll also need the hardware and fittings to go with it. We stock a full range, including:

  • Shower Door Hinges: Fix your door firmly to the bathroom wall or shower enclosure. 
  • Sliding Bottom Guide: Keep sliding shower doors on the straight and narrow with bottom floor guides and tracks. A low-profile guide makes it easier to enter and leave the shower, to clean it, or to bathe an infant.
  • Door Bumpers: Protect hinged doors and surrounding bathroom fittings from damage when opening them.
  • Shower Door Rollers: Make sliding glass shower doors open easily and smoothly. 
  • Shower Door Sweeps: Seal the edges of frameless doors to keep water splashes inside the shower. 

Choosing a door for your shower or tub is an important decision, so if you need any extra information or advice, please contact us online or at your local Ace Hardware store  and we'll be happy to help.