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Gas Water Heaters

Update your home with a clean-burning natural gas water heater from Ace. Our assortment of high-quality gas hot water heaters can help lower energy bills and bring instant hot water to every faucet in your home. Select from various sizes and BTU ratings to find the gas water heater that’s perfect for your home and family size. 

Natural Gas Water Heaters 

Enjoy a constant supply of hot water with a natural gas hot water tank from our selection of top-rated brands and models. Take advantage of the latest technological developments to enjoy superior efficiency, steady and controllable temperature, and low wasted energy in your home. Our gas hot water tanks come in a multitude of sizes to accommodate different needs, as well as different first hour ratings and BTU capabilities. 

Look for these features when you shop online for natural gas water heaters: 

  • Meets or surpasses requirements set forth by NAECA 
  • Diffuser-End PEX Dip tube 
  • Safety relief valves for temperature and pressure 
  • High gallon first hour ratings 
  • Electronic thermostat for precise temperature control 
  • Operational indicator LED light 
  • Low loss of heat 
  • Corrosion protection within tanks 

Tankless Natural Gas Hot Water Heaters 

Combine higher per-gallon BTU ratings with environmentally friendly emissions with one of our tankless natural gas hot water heaters. Enjoy instant, continuous hot water from your faucets with less heat loss. With a sleek aesthetic and simplified user interface, our tankless water heaters also save you space due to their wall-mountable design. We offer a range of different sizes, BTU ratings and installation options that allow you to fit your water heater to the needs of your household. 

Use our online store to compare the features of gas tankless water heaters side by side, letting you pinpoint the details you’re looking for, like: 

  • High recovery efficiency approaching 100 percent 
  • Excellent uniform energy factors 
  • Indoor condensing model design 
  • Meets California’s Ultra Low NOx emissions requirements 
  • Compatibility with three-quarter gas lines 

Mobile Home Gas Hot Water Tanks 

Our selection of gas hot water tanks also includes models made specifically for mobile homes. With glass-lined tanks and environmentally friendly, non-CFC foam insulation, our mobile home gas water heaters feature low heat loss. Easy vent piping and air intake lower costs when installing these water heaters. 

Look for the following features among our selection of gas mobile home hot water heaters: 

  • Sealed combustion models 
  • Protection against corrosion with premium anode rods 
  • Factory installed safety relief valves for temperature and pressure 
  • Three-quarter-inch PEX polymer-lined heat trap nipples 
  • Easy connection to water 
  • Easy vent piping compatibility 
  • High first hour ratings 
  • Conversions between propane and natural gas 
  • NOx emissions lowered by 33 percent with a green choice gas burner 
  • Piezo igniter for easy pilot ignition 

Shop Ace Hardware for Natural Gas Water Heaters 

Keep your water hot and your energy bills low with a natural gas water heater from Ace. If you need help finding the perfect natural gas water heater and water heater accessories for your home, head to your neighborhood store to get expert tips and advice from our friendly staff. We’ll help make it easier to find the best products for your needs.