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Propane Water Heaters

Heat your home’s water with one of Ace Hardware’s propane hot water heaters to take advantage of high efficiency and low emissions. Our selection of propane water heaters makes it easy to choose the right heater for your household size and energy needs. Shop online to choose between different tank sizes and heater styles, including both tank and tankless water heaters. 

Propane Tank Hot Water Heaters 

Have a ready supply of hot water waiting for you with a propane tank hot water heater from our wide assortment of top brands, including an assortment of Reliance sizes and models. Our propane water heaters make use of the latest technological advances to ensure high efficiency, consistent and precise temperature, and low heat loss. We carry tanks in various sizes for families large and small, with BTU and first hour ratings to match your home’s needs. 

Look for the following features in our selection of propane water heaters: 

  • Environmentally friendly, non-CFC foam insulation 
  • Low heat loss 
  • High gallon first hour ratings 
  • Excellent Uniform Energy Factors 
  • Diffuser-end PEX dip tubes 
  • Glass-lined tanks 
  • Anode rods of premium grade 
  • Corrosion protection in tanks 
  • Sizes ranging from 30 to 50 gallons 
  • Precise control over temperature through electronic gas control valve 
  • Accurate operational status indications 
  • Piezo pilot igniter 
  • PEX polymer-lined heat trap nipples 
  • Safety relief valves for temperature and pressure 

Tankless Propane Hot Water Heaters 

Our tankless propane water heaters combine high BTU ratings per gallon of fuel with low pollutants and emissions. Since there is no storage tank to hold water in, you will benefit from instant and continuous hot water with minimal energy loss, which may result in cost savings for your home. Choose among our range of sizes, warranties and installation options to customize your home’s hot water production with a money-saving tankless water heater. 

Our tankless water heaters also add aesthetic elegance and functional space saving to your home. With a wall-mountable design, tankless heaters take up no floor space and can be mounted practically anywhere in your home where fuel lines and exterior ventilation are available. Minimalistic user interfaces add a sleek touch while streamlining ease of use. 

Our online store lets you compare propane tankless water heaters side by side, helping you find the details you’re looking for most. While you shop, look for tankless propane hot water heater features like: 

  • Recovery efficiencies nearing 100 percent
  • Superior uniform energy factors 
  • Indoor condensing model designs 
  • Compliance with California Ultra Low NOx emissions standards 
  • Compatibility with three-quarter gas lines 
  • Use with standard 120-volt power supply 
  • High maximum hot water output ratings 
  • PVC-compatible venting 
  • Wall-mountable 
  • Simple digital interface 

Shop Ace for Propane Water Heaters 

Find a wide selection of water heaters and water heater accessories at Ace Hardware. Shop online to find details on all our models and take advantage of our quick home delivery or free store pickup. Or, if you need help determining which propane water heater may be best for your home, stop by your local Ace to get expert tips and advice from our friendly staff.