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Whether you're connected to the public supply or draw your water from a private well, it's important to have confidence in its purity and quality. Our home water treatment systems and well water treatment products offer the cleanest and safest water for drinking, cooking, laundry and bathing.

Water Filters and Supplies

Our water filters clear out particles and contaminants from your water, making it safer and cleaner. Our range includes filters that can treat an entire supply for total convenience, along with smaller models that can be fitted to individual faucets as needed for lower costs.

Our selection also includes the housings, cartridges and other supplies you need to keep your filters in full working order as well as water testing kits to be sure your filter is doing its job properly.

Water Softener Systems

If you live in an area with hard water, the high mineral content in your supply can cause many difficulties. It's hard on your skin and it speeds up corrosion of your plumbing and appliances. It leaves heavy traces behind wherever it flows and it's tough on your clothes and kitchen utensils alike. It can also have a metallic taste, which many people find unpleasant.

Water softeners transform your water into a gentler and purer form, solving all these difficulties with no extra hassle. Our selection of hard water treatments includes softener systems, which can treat a whole-house supply, or individual pieces that can be installed under a counter to soften an individual water outlet. We also carry replacement cartridges for many of the most popular softener system brands.

Water Softener Chemicals and Cleaners

Water softeners need chemical refills to keep doing their job. No matter how hard your water may be, we have the salts, pellets and combination chemical treatments that your softener system relies on to improve your supply.

Whether you need simple sodium chloride salt crystals or tougher potassium chloride pellets, we carry the right softener chemicals to bring your water back into shape.

We also offer a selection of cleaning fluids to keep your softener system in running order, reducing sediment buildups and extending the life of your system.

Septic System Chemicals

If you’ve got a septic tank, you know the importance of keeping a free-flowing system that efficiently deals with waste.

Unfortunately, heavy rainfall or strong cleaning fluids can throw the natural processes out of balance, slowing down reactions and making your septic system much less efficient.

Our selection of septic system chemicals helps speed up the reactions in the tank to reduce buildup and prevent backups. Our septic products include doses that can treat tanks up to a 1,500-gallon capacity, keeping your system free from clogging, protecting against corrosion and reducing odors.

A clean water supply is essential for both health and daily convenience and our treatment products ensure you're only getting the best. If you have any questions about any aspect of water treatment, please contact us or come into your local Ace store. Our expert staff is always available to give you friendly and useful advice.