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About Faucet Covers

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your plumbing. To prevent expensive damage, it's important to insulate your pipes and faucets before the cold weather hits. With the right covers, you can keep your faucets from freezing, bursting, and potentially causing water damage around your home. Shop top-rated outdoor faucet covers at Ace Hardware to protect your home this season.

Choosing a Faucet Cover 

Faucet covers are fairly simple devices designed to keep your outdoor pipes from freezing when the temperature drops in your area. Depending on your needs, there are a few different faucet covers that may work for you.

To protect garden and backyard areas, an outdoor faucet cover can provide extra insulation, keeping your pipes from getting too cold in the winter. You'll also be able to use your garden faucet much easier during the winter months when you don't have to fight frozen fittings. 

For more protection on exposed piping or in areas that commonly experience very cold temperatures, high-quality spigot covers and faucet covers are recommended. Find options that wrap tightly around your piping to provide full insulation, like multi-layered nylon and heat-trapping materials. These outdoor faucet covers are available in many sizes to match your specific plumbing.

Keep your faucets from freezing this winter. Browse online or head to your local Ace for expert tips and advice from our helpful staff on how to properly insulate your faucets.