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About Shopping Carts

City living gets a lot more convenient when you have a folding shopping cart to help you with your daily tasks. Getting even the largest loads of groceries home is easy when you treat yourself to one of the durable, convenient and spacious personal shopping carts available from Ace Hardware. Choose one with two or four wheels, based on the level of support and stability you need.

Narrow down your search by using the convenient filters at the top and to the left of this page. Select your preferred budget or brand, and you'll be left with affordable shopping carts you're sure to love.

Grocery Shopping with Ease

Going to the grocery store every night to get just what you can carry is inconvenient and time-consuming. Make it seem like less of a chore by taking a folding shopping cart along with you. They're large enough to fit both paper and plastic bags inside, but small enough to easily push or roll back home. When you're done using it, simply fold it up and store it away.

Other Ways to Use Shopping Carts

These aren't just grocery carts; there's a variety of other ways to use them too. Check out a few of our favorite ways to use shopping carts.

  • Beach Days: The wheels on the back of this cart are ideal for rolling down over the boardwalk. Load it up with beach toys, floats, towels, sunscreen, and the other essentials. Drape a few chairs over the handle, and in one trip you'll have everything you need to enjoy your day in the sun.
  • Soccer Games: Do you spend your weekends going from one child's game to the next? A folding shopping cart is easy to put in the trunk and take with you to the game. Load it up with your snacks, chairs, and umbrellas to prepare for anything the day may bring.
  • Tailgating: Do you park in one area and walk to another to tailgate? Carry the cooler in a much easier way by loading it up inside your folding shopping cart. Add in your tailgating games, chips, and other party favorites. It wheels easily across the parking lot.

These wheeled carts are lightweight, convenient, and priced to fit within your budget. Stop lugging around extra items, and rely on shopping carts to help you with your chores. Ace Hardware even offers replacement wheels to help extend the number of trips you get out of your new shopping companion.