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Big projects call for tough tools. That's why Ace carries all the DeWalt fastening tools you need to help you power through any job. These tools quickly drive nails and staples through materials so you can speed through your task or project. Thanks to DeWalt’s fast action tools, they are less likely to split wood or crumble plaster so your attachments are clean, neat, and secure. 

Types of DeWalt Fasteners

DeWalt fasteners come in a wide range of types and sizes so you can choose the perfect tool to get the job done right.

Dewalt Framing Nailer

This tool can drive long, large-gauge nails, making it the right choice for your biggest projects. DeWalt framing nailers make quick work of building fences, installing sub-floors, constructing a deck, or framing your new shed or garage.

Dewalt Finish Nailer

This nailer is versatile enough to take on jobs both big and small. It uses nails that are large enough to fasten big pieces but small enough that you can easily conceal them for smooth finish. DeWalt finish nail guns are ideal for installing hardwood floors, adding baseboards, or building cabinetry.

Dewalt Brad Nailer

This is the tool you need when you're working with thin or delicate cuts of wood. These DeWalt nailers are used to drive brads, which are slender nails that are less likely to split your wood or leave obvious holes for a cleaner finish. They're a great choice for installing quarter-round, paneling, or decorative trim.

Dewalt Staple Gun

A DeWalt staple gun serves so many functions, no home should be without one. This tool can be used to lay or tighten carpeting, hang holiday lights, fasten upholstery, install weather stripping, and so much more. DeWalt staples are strong enough to provide a secure hold while small enough to maintain a low profile.

Convenient and Efficient Fasteners

When you're in the middle of a build or repair, the last thing you want to worry about is a tangle of cords or finding a power outlet that's close to your project. DeWalt cordless nail guns eliminate that problem as they are powered by rechargeable 20v battery packs that are interchangeable with other tools in the DeWalt 20v System. Keep a couple of these battery packs on hand and you'll always have one charged and ready to go, even mid-way through a job.

Another perk of DeWalt nail guns is that you won't have to fumble with nails or brads while you're hard at work. These guns use strips of fasteners that can be loaded easily so set-up is quick. The gun can then drive the nails in rapid succession to help you power through your build. Pair your nailer with DeWalt workwear and safety gear like goggles and gloves to keep you safe while you work.

Shop Ace for the Fasteners You Need for Any Job

Ace has the DeWalt fasteners you need to make any job a little easier. Shop online and enjoy convenient delivery to your home or visit your neighborhood store where our helpful staff is on hand with expert tips and advice so you can choose the right nail guns for every project.