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Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer, an advanced carpenter or a professional contractor, the right jig lets you build projects faster, stronger and better than ever. Make your woodworking jobs a little easier by shopping the array of pocket hole jigs and dowel jigs at Ace Hardware. We carry the best selection of woodworking jigs from top-rated brands like Kreg, Wolfcraft and Forney.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of wood jigs and to find out how to select the perfect jig for your projects.

What are Woodworking Jigs?

A variety of woodworking projects, like framing the joints on drawers, cabinets and photo frames, call for pieces that can be easily formed using an appropriate wood jig. Woodworking jigs like pocket hole jigs and dowel jigs are designed to ensure straight cuts, square measurements and plumb holes. These handy jigs are used to expedite many repetitive woodworking tasks while ensuring the same quality and accuracy across each project.

Which Wood Jigs are Right for You?

All you need to succeed in creating rock-solid wood projects and making long-lasting repairs is to select the appropriate jigs for your task. However, with several wood jig types available to choose from, you might need some assistance finding the jig that's right for you. 

Here's an overview of two of the most common woodworking jig options you can find at Ace to help you narrow down your choice:

Pocket Hole Jigs

A pocket screw jig is useful for drilling a hole at an accurate angle to ensure a tight and secure fit. Pocket jig joineries, or screw jig joineries, are also used to achieve a cleaner and neater finished appearance between two pieces of wood.

So, what exactly is a pocket drill jig? Simply put, a pocket hole is a hole that's drilled at a specific angle to form the pocket housing for a screw. A pocket hole jig drives the drill bit into the piece of wood to provide an engineered hole that houses the screw head. After the hole is drilled, a fastener is used to assemble the joints together. The result is that once the screws are drilled in, they won't split the wood, which provides a clean, crisp appearance.

Dowel Jigs

For many projects, dowels provide a combination of accuracy, strength and simplicity that can't be beaten. Particularly useful when two or more boards are being joined together, dowel jigs are designed to guide a drill in making perpendicular holes in the face, ends or edges of a board. They're primarily used to create holes in boards to allow the correct dowel size and depth necessary to strengthen supports between boards for added stability.

The core of a dowel jig is comprised of a steel block with holes that are precisely located. Most models have metal sleeves or bushings that hold drill bits of various sizes in place. The bushing is made to hold the drill bit in the correct position until two pieces are precisely joined together.

No matter what kind of wood project you're working on, complete the job with greater ease and accuracy by shopping our selection of deck, dowel, drill, magnetic, plate joiner and pocket hole jigs. Then, temporarily hold your work securely in place when using your woodworking jigs by browsing our array of spring clamps.