Tackle every project, big or small, with the right power tool accessories from Ace Hardware. Our selection of accessories for power tools are designed to help you do more with the power tools you use most! Use this power tool parts buying guide to help you find the accessories and attachments best for you! 

Accessories for Power Tool Drills

Your drill likely came with a basic set of drill bits, but to help you build out your tool arsenal we carry a wide variety of drill accessories to get the job done more efficiently. Get the most out of your drill with power tool parts that improve performance and productivity, such as: 

  • Drill angle adapters: Drill into tight areas with an angle drill attachment that fits into hard-to-reach spaces.
  • Extended drill bits: These convenient power tool accessories can come in handy whenever you're working on a project that requires a longer drill bit reach. 
  • Auger bits: Effortlessly bore holes into bulkheads, timber or other wood with these spiral drill bit heads. 
  • Screwdriver bits: Upgrade your driving experience with a heavy-duty screwdriver bit set that delivers exceptional performance in extreme torque applications. 
  • Nut setters: Explore industrial-strength nut setters featuring innovative recessed corners that easily drive flats while minimizing shavings. 
  • Impact driver bit sets: Get extreme durability for the most demanding applications with an impact driver bit set that includes everything you need for any task, such as bit holders, magnetic nut drivers and socket adapters. 

Router Power Tool Parts 

When you're ready to make the cuts for your project, having the perfect accessories can make all the difference. Make precisely cut rounded edges, V-shaped grooves and more with our collection of router power tool parts. Get unmatched versatility and amazing adjustability with a router table system that will take your woodworking projects to the next level. When dovetailing, sign making or inlay routing, a router bushing set featuring multiple diameter options can support a wide array of routing applications. Working on a project that requires extra base support? Look for a universal mounting slot adapter that fits any compact or trim router.

Cordless Tool Battery Packs 

Always have enough power to finish the project with an extra cordless battery pack to fit your most used power tools. We have the most common types of cordless battery packs in stock to power all your tools, including: 

  • Nickel-Cadmium (NiCad) batteries 
  • Lithium-ion (LI-ion) 
  • Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) 

Sander Power Tool Parts 

Get the expert results you're looking for with our sander power tool parts. Find sanding discs, belts and drums in a variety of grits suitable for tasks ranging from removing wallpaper adhesive to prepping walls before painting.  

Shop for Power Tool Accessories  

No matter which tools you rely on the most, find the best power tool parts to tackle the job with less hassle at Ace Hardware. Shop our collection of accessories for power tools online. If you're unsure about which power tool accessories you might need, stop by your local neighborhood Ace store for helpful advice from our team members.