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Whether you're accessing your home, place of business or mailbox, you use your keys every day—so losing them can create quite the inconvenience. Rather than having to face the aftermath of losing your keys and hiring a locksmith, Ace Hardware is here to provide you with hassle-free key replacement services.

What's the Difference Between Key Cutting and Key Copying? 

Although they are essentially the same thing, key cutting and key copying differ in versatility. Key copying requires the original key in order to duplicate it, whereas key cutting can be done with or without the original.  

Whenever you get a key replacement, a key duplicator machine creates another version of your key using the original copy as a template. A key duplicator machine has two basic ports: one port holds the original key, while the other holds a blank key. The machine's blades are designed to use the original template as a guide to saw into the blank key. After the cutting is finished, the machine smooths and polishes the new key so it's ready to use.

What are the Most Common Different Types of Key Blanks? 

Ace Hardware carries a large variety of cylinder key blanks ranging from standard metal blanks to cute keys that add a decorative touch. Key blanks come with either plastic or metal heads, and plastic variations come in multiple colors for easy identification.

To make a new set of office or house keys, you'll need the right key blank that matches the original. Although cylinder key blanks are the most common, barrel and bit blanks can be found, too. 

Cylinder Key Blanks 

By far the most used key blank, cylinder keys are used in many types of locks, including doors, padlocks and cars. These key blanks have bows and long blades in which “V” cuts are made along the upper edges to accommodate the pins and drivers in locking mechanisms.

Bit and Barrel Key Blanks 

Bit and barrel metal blanks are both tubular, but barrel blanks have a hollow shaft with an opening at the tip, whereas bit blanks are solid and don’t have an opening. They resemble “skeleton” keys and are mostly used for decorative or antique purposes today.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Key Copied? 

Depending on the type of key you need copied, you can expect the entire key cutting process to take five minutes or less. Compared to the stress you'd have to deal with if you didn’t have a replacement key but needed one, waiting just a few minutes to get a duplicate key copy could pay off big time! 

If you’re wondering where you can get your key copied, look no further than your local Ace. Shop the selection of metal blank keys at Ace Hardware online and use our store locator to find your neighborhood Ace store to use our key copy services in-person.