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Easy, Permanent Heating Solutions

Baseboard heaters are ideal for homeowners who need a quick, relatively simple heating solution that is more permanent than a portable space heater. Shop Ace to find electric baseboard heaters that are easy to install, require no venting or ductwork, and can be used with a thermostat for trouble-free operation. Discover the differences between our varied selection of top-rated baseboard heaters to find the perfect solution for your home. 

Sizing Your Room for Optimal Performance 

The size of the room you are heating is the biggest consideration when choosing a baseboard heater. If the room is too big, the heater will not be strong enough to keep it at an optimal temperature. Before buying a baseboard heater, measure the room you want to heat to determine its square footage. Then, shop for top-rated products that can adequately warm up your space with ease.

Choosing the Right Baseboard Heater 

There are a few other factors that you should think about when choosing a baseboard heater. These include:

  • Insulation: The quality of insulation in the room will make a difference in how warm the room stays. If there is little insulation, consider buying a more powerful heater to help warm up the entire room.
  • Windows: The number and quality of windows in the room will impact the amount of heat production you require. Older, single-pane windows do not insulate well, and the more windows in the room, the more heat loss you can expect.
  • Current Central Heating System: If you live in an older home, the central heating system may be outdated, leaving you with a drafty house that never seems to get warm enough. Baseboard heaters are the perfect supplement to help produce adequate heating in specific rooms or throughout the entire house.
  • Portability: If you want to warm up specific areas at any given time, choose a portable baseboard heater. These products simply plug in to an electrical outlet and can be moved between uses. Shop options with carrying handles on each side for easy transportation. 

Best Baseboard Heater Features

Our top-rated products include a range of features to fit your needs. While you shop, look for the following baseboard heater features:

  • Digital displays that include both a thermostat and a timer.
  • Power indicator lights that show when the heater is running.
  • Innovative constructions that maximize surface area and quickly funnels heated air.
  • Universal wiring available at both ends of the heater.
  • Easy-to-install designs that include pre-punched knockouts at 1-inch intervals.
  • Neutral colors and low-profile constructions that seamlessly blend with your décor.

Shop online now to find the best baseboard heater to warm up your home. For more heating solutions, browse our full assortment of heaters, including space heaters, radiant heaters and powerful wall heaters online. Head to your neighborhood store to get expert tips and advice on which top-rated heaters are right for you, plus information from our helpful staff on how to maintain your investment throughout the year.