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Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling or redecorating, your vent covers may need an upgrade. Shop the wide assortment of floor, wall and ceiling vent covers from Ace Hardware. Available in wood, plastic and a variety of metals, our vent covers come in a range of styles and designs to match your décor.

Find out which vent covers and heat registers are best for your home with the following tips and advice.

Vent Covers and Heat Registers 

Vent covers is a general term that is used to describe the covers placed over air ducts where heated or cooled air emerges from your HVAC unit. The technical term for these covers is registers. Our top-rated registers include some of the following designs:

  • Floor Diffusers: Our selection of floor vent covers help heated air rise, allowing you to enjoy a warm home without having a hefty heating bill.
  • Ceiling and Wall Covers: Our air vent covers and deflectors can help cold air drop into a room during warmer months. Many of these designs have multi-louver shutters with smooth glide dampers to help direct airflow.

Some of our top-rated products include:

Heat Registers

Registers are also sometimes referred to as air deflectors due to their ability to control air flow. Some of these registers are designed to connect magnetically to metal floor, ceiling and wall registers and help warm or cool air more effectively. Some even come with dust filters or can help direct airflow from a register positioned beneath a piece of furniture.

Air Vent Covers

Another accessory used to help regulate room temperature or increase energy efficiency is air vent covers. Vent covers completely cover an air register to redirect forced air to other areas. They also help you seal off locations that don't require temperature control, like the attic.

You can purchase these register covers in various sizes, but some sheets can also be cut to size. Many magnetic vent covers can be painted or wallpapered to better fit the style of your room.

Return Air Grilles

While registers are placed on the output end of the HVAC system, grilles are attached to the input side where the air is pulled into the system. Return grilles are considered the most economical way to return air into your heating and cooling system. In order to work properly, our grilles:

  • Must be placed in convenient air circulation areas, including in the ceiling, walls or floor. 
  • Must be left unblocked for optimal HVAC performance. 
  • Do not have dampers or directional controls for shifting air flow.
  • Can be used in combination with other grilles around the home, or used as one unit to control circulation. 

Measuring for Register and Grille Replacement 

To replace or add a register or grille, do not measure the size of your current register or grille. Instead, measure the size of the air duct opening. Many of our air vent covers, registers and grilles are sized by duct opening measurements, not wall opening measurements.

For more information on air deflectors and covers, visit your local Ace. We’ll help make it easier to find the perfect products for your next project.