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Kerosene is an effective lighting fuel that's used in a variety of applications. If you're wondering where to buy kerosene, shop online at Ace Hardware. Browse our line of premium kerosene for sale that meets strict American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) 1-K specifications and is suitable for lamps, stoves and all types of kerosene-burning heaters.

What is Kerosene?

A flammable liquid that's used as a fuel for power, light and heat, kerosene is an incredibly versatile fuel that's clear and non-viscous. Kerosene fuel is extracted as a liquid from refined petroleum, making it relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain. Kerosene is also commonly referred to as paraffin and lamp oil.  

What to Look for When Purchasing Kerosene

While there are many different types and brands of kerosene fuel, quality kerosene goes through a rigorous refinement process to ensure fewer impurities and reduced sulfur content. A good kerosene product that's ideal for residential use shouldn't have added dyes, and the fuel's refinement process should ensure improved air quality and an extended wick life of lamps or kerosene-burning appliances.

The Different Grades of Kerosene

Kerosene fuel containing higher amounts of sulfur may pose a greater risk of pollutants being released into the air when the fuel is burned. Kerosene fuel comes in two grades that are based on sulfur content:

  • K-1 Kerosene: The purest grade of kerosene is called K-1 kerosene. Due to K-1's lower sulfur content, the fuel can be burned safely without the use of ventilation.
  • K-2 Kerosene: K-2 kerosene may contain much higher sulfur levels and impurities than K-1 kerosene. As a result, this type of kerosene fuel should only be used in kerosene-burning appliances that have a flue for proper ventilation. K-2 kerosene shouldn't be used in kerosene heaters because the product may negatively affect proper fuel wicking, creating the risk of an explosion or fire hazard.

The Most Common Uses for Kerosene Fuel

Kerosene fuel has been used since the mid-19th century as a lighting fuel. While kerosene's primary use for lighting has been replaced by electricity in much of the modern world, the fuel is still commonly used in multiple ways:

  • Lighting Fuel and Lamps: Kerosene is a great lighting fuel solution for camping excursions and unexpected power outages alike. A kerosene lamp offers burning longevity and ease of transportation, and the flame level can easily be controlled.
  • Heating Oil: If you live in an area that's prone to power outages or blackouts, kerosene heaters can give you quick access to much-needed heat. Look for portable kerosene heaters that easily and safely regulate room temperatures without the need for electricity.
  • Cleaning Agent: Kerosene is often used as a cleaning agent to remove old oil lubricant from bicycle and motorcycle chains. The product's solvent properties also make it a highly effective solution for removing stickers from windows or melted candle wax.

Kerosene Fuel Additive

A kerosene fuel additive can help to extend wick life, reduce kerosene odors and smoke, and lower carbon and tar build-up. An additive may help to increase combustion and extend the life of your kerosene heater or appliance. Look for odorless formulas or additives with a subtle pine scent to match your needs.

Where to Buy Kerosene

Get reliable and effective heating for your kerosene-burning equipment by browsing Ace Hardware's line of kerosene for sale. Find great deals on premium kerosene fuel, kerosene-burning heaters, kerosene heater wicks and much more online or at your local Ace.