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Infrared Radiant Heaters

Electric radiant heaters and infrared heaters offer some of the most convenient heating options available. With heaters designed to warm up spaces big and small, you can apply heat where and when you need it – helping you save on energy costs by only warming up the rooms you’re using.

There are numerous radiant heaters on the market today, including electric, kerosene, infrared and oil-filled heater options. Use these helpful hints to pick the perfect radiant heater for your space.

What is a Radiant Heater?

Radiant heaters generate heat, and then transfer that heat directly in front of them. These types of heaters are ideal for smaller rooms or in places where you can stay near the heater rather than moving around, like near the bed or couch. Unlike convection heaters, radiant heaters are unable to circulate the air to heat up an entire room. This can help avoid drafts and can promote consistent heat levels while it’s on. Since they don’t have to work harder to heat up larger spaces, radiant heaters are typically more affordable and energy-efficient when compared to convection heaters.

Picking the Right Radiant Heater Size 

Our selection of top-rated radiant heaters is available in a range of styles and sizes. Smaller rooms or specific areas within a room may benefit from a 100 square foot heater, while larger areas may require a heater to warm more than 600 square feet. Check the square footage listed next to each model to determine which option will be able to heat up your space.

Choosing from Electric, Kerosene, Infrared and Oil-Filled Radiant Heaters

Use this list to determine which type of heater may be best for your home.

Electric Radiant Heaters 

  • Good for heating up a specific area, like the area directly in front of the heater. 
  • Easy to find a power source. 
  • Not ideal for heating an entire room. 

Kerosene Heaters 

  • Must be filled with kerosene fuel to operate. 
  • Excellent portable heating option.
  • Many models generate substantial heat in short amounts of time.

Infrared Heaters

  • Use quartz tubes or other tubular heating elements. 
  • Work instantly by producing a stream of heating particles.
  • Do not need to heat up the air in a room before you can feel the heat. 

Oil-Filled Heaters 

  • Transfer heat through an oil medium. 
  • Function as convection heaters, slowly heating the air in a room as it passes over the heater. 
  • Not as fast at heating the air as some heating options, but a good pick for keeping a whole room warm for longer periods of time.

Choosing the Best Radiant Heater for You

Our assortment of top-rated radiant heaters includes products from featured brands like Soleil and Heat Mate. To help you pick the right heater for your space, check for features like:

  • Silent heating.
  • Automatic shut-off and overheat protection.
  • Adjustable thermostat for comfort control.
  • Indoor and outdoor compatibility. 

If you aren’t sure which type of heater is best for you, let us help make it easier. Stop by your neighborhood store to get expert tips and advice from our helpful staff.