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Weber Chimney Starter, Charcoal & Smoking Chips 

The first rule of grilling is to always be prepared. Master your Weber grilling endeavors with the impressive selection of Weber chimney starters, wood chips, charcoal and more at Ace Hardware. Find the Weber grilling essentials you'll need to improve your cooking skills and simplify your grilling experience. Use this convenient guide to learn more about some of the Weber grilling products we carry.

Use a Weber charcoal starter to quickly light charcoal

While charcoal grills are a popular choice among grilling enthusiasts due to the smoky flavor produced during the cooking process, a charcoal grill is often more time-consuming than a propane or electric grill because charcoal briquettes require more time to heat up.

If you enjoy the enriched flavor that comes from a charcoal grill, use a chimney starter to light the charcoal quicker. Especially if you have a Weber charcoal grill, the best way to light lump hardware, charcoal or briquettes is with a Weber charcoal starter.

How to use a Weber chimney starter

Ignite your chimney starter in three simple steps:

  1. Place a couple pieces of crumpled newspaper in the bottom of the chimney starter.
  2. Fill the top with charcoal briquettes or lump hardwood.
  3. Light the chimney starter from the bottom, and you'll have burning hot coals that are ready to transport to your grill in about 10 minutes.

Once the charcoal or briquettes have turned a white-gray color, they've reached the ideal cooking temperature.  

Infuse unique flavor with Weber wood chips

Permeate your foods with an incredible smoky flavor by transforming your grill into a pseudo-smoker with s variety of smoking chips. Different types of Weber wood chips impart different flavors, and the type of wood you should use largely depends on your preferences. Here's some helpful information about which Weber wood chips might pair well with your favorite grilled foods:

  • Cherry: With a sweet, mild flavor, cherry smoking chips are a good match for most meats.
  • Apple: Apple wood infuses a sweet, fruity flavor to pork, beef, game birds, poultry and lamb.
  • Mesquite: For a strong, earthy flavor, use mesquite smoking chips when grilling red or dark meats.
  • Hickory: Featuring a savory yet subtle sweet flavor, hickory adds a nice, rich flavor to beef and pork.
  • Pecan: While pecan has a stronger flavor than most fruit woods, it's also milder than hickory wood. Pecan is often used for poultry grilling, but adds a great flavor to most types of meats, too.

Get longer burn times with Weber charcoal briquettes

Cook the perfect cuts of meat with the best fuel by using Weber charcoal products. Weber charcoal briquettes are made from crushed pieces of hardwood that's bound together by a natural starch. Since Weber briquettes are so densely packed, they burn longer than lump charcoal products.  

Whether you're an on-the-weekend griller or a true pit master, Weber charcoal briquettes ensure consistent heat and longer grill times. Made to burn long and strong, Weber charcoal is 100% natural with no added chemicals, and a resealable, waterproof bag allows for easy storage in-between use.

Browse Ace Hardware online to check out our collection of Weber chimney starters, wood chips and charcoal. Or, head to your local Ace to learn more about our Weber grilling products by speaking to one of our friendly associates. After you've found the amazing Weber products you need to grill the perfect foods, keep your grill in tip-top shape by checking out Weber's assortment of cleaning products.