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Weber Replacement Parts 

Your Weber barbeque grill is the focal point of so many outdoor memories with family and friends, so keeping it in tip-top shape is important. While Weber grills are designed for increased longevity, at times, you might need to replace certain Weber grill parts.

Cast-iron grates can corrode and parts can wear out over time, even if you keep your grill covered and thoroughly cleaned. Fortunately, you don't have to replace your grill if it becomes damaged. We carry a large variety of Weber grill replacement parts at Ace Hardware, so restoring your grill to great condition is simple.

Common Weber replacement parts

After extended use, grill components can become damaged or begin to break apart. Regardless of what type of grill you have, when it’s functioning properly, flames should be evenly distributed throughout the grill and temperatures shouldn't fluctuate too much. If your grill isn't working like it used to, find easy-to-replace Weber grill parts to get the job done:

Cooking grates

When exposed to the elements, your cooking grates can begin to rust, corrode or crack. Grill grates are easy to replace and typically last between three to ten years. To keep your grates in excellent shape, thoroughly clean each side with a stiff wire brush before using your grill. After you're finished cooking, brush the grates a second time, and add a small amount of oil to prevent rusting.

Grill burners

If you're experiencing uneven heating when you grill, you may have clogged or damaged burners. In some cases, extremely damaged burners may fail to light at all. Shop our selection of Weber gas grill parts, including replacement burners, to ensure consistent, uniform heat. Install a new Weber burner in your gas grill to minimize the chance of the flare-ups and hot spots frequently associated with damaged parts.

Gas line hoses

On a Weber gas grill, clogged vent holes in a gas line hose can prevent the proper flow of propane or natural gas. While a damaged or leaking gas line hose can cause irregular fuel flow, the issue can also be quite dangerous. Gas line hoses can't be repaired, but we carry a large variety of replacement hoses in our Weber BBQ parts inventory so you can find what you need.

Gas grill igniters

If your Weber grill has an electronic lighter that won't light, the wire that leads to the igniter or the part itself could be damaged. Restore your grill's dependability for quick start-ups with a new, easy-to-install igniter kit.

Flavorizer bars

On a variety of Weber grill models, flavorizer bars direct drippings and grease away from burners to prevent flare-ups and messes. Replacement flavorizer bars are simple to install without tools and infuse foods with that unique, cooked-on-the-grill flavor you love.

Where to purchase Weber grill replacement parts

Find top-quality Weber parts for your gas, electric or charcoal grill here at Ace Hardware. Shop our massive assortment of Weber grill replacement parts online now, or visit your neighborhood Ace soon to speak to one of our helpful staff members.

Once you've found the Weber parts you need to restore your grill to like-new condition, find additional products to enhance your cooking experience by browsing Weber's grilling accessories section.