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Softener Salt & Treatment 

Extend the life of your pipes and appliances with new water softener treatments from Ace Hardware. Choose from a range of top-rated products, including efficient salt crystals that fight unpleasant mineral tastes and specialized pellets that combat rust and residue from iron-rich water, to find the perfect solution for your home. With a wide range of different formulas, Ace makes it easy to find the best softener salt for you. 

Know Your Water 

The first step to choosing the best water softener treatment is to check the mineral balance of your water. Softener chemicals attach to hardness minerals like calcium and magnesium, trading them for the ions in your softener. If you discover you have a high iron content in your water, you can buy specialized iron-fighting chemicals to maximize the efficiency of your softener. Heavy rainfall and weather changes can also impact the minerals in your water, so it's a good idea to set up a regular schedule for checking your water composition.  

Once you know what's in your water, choose the treatment that best fits your needs. Each type of chemical and format has a range of benefits. Browse these tips to find what's right for you: 

Sodium Chloride 

Keep your pipes clean and your laundry soft by adding sodium chloride to your water softener. Salt crystals are a safe and natural product that is recommended for use in all water softeners. While you shop, look for the following considerations: 

  • Purity: The higher the purity rating of your salt, the less residue it leaves in the bottom of your tank. Choose from softeners salts with up to 99 percent purity to fight mushing and bridging while minimizing tank maintenance. 
  • Soluble Content: Pure sodium chloride has a low insoluble content, ensuring that you get the most out of every bag. The dissolved crystals combat tank residue, helping to keep your plumbing fresh and clean. 
  • Processing Form: Softener salt can be made in a number of different ways, and comes in crystals, pellets and blocks. Solar salts are a reliable choice for most water softeners, and tend to leave only a small amount of buildup in the bottom of your tank. For water with a high hardness level, evaporated salts have the highest purity and work best to combat bridging and mushing.  

Potassium Chloride 

Fight tank buildup, rust and residue with potassium chloride pellets for your water softener. From pure potassium chloride to combination chemical treatments, salt alternatives have a range of benefits for your health and home. While you shop, look for the following considerations: 

  • Low Sodium: Potassium chloride is a low-sodium alternative to traditional water softener salts. These top-rated products are recommended for all types of water softeners to remove hard water minerals, all while minimizing the accumulation of tank residue. 
  • Mineral-Specific Treatments: If you’re looking for a way to fight rust stains, try a combination product that includes specially formulated ingredients to convert dissolved iron into insoluble oxides. Your softener then filters out the solids, saving your pipes and clothing from residue.   

Shop Ace Hardware for the Best Water Softener Treatment Brands  

Whether you're looking for simple and affordable water softener salts or specialized potassium chloride pellets, head down to your local Ace for the best brands in water treatment. We have everything you need to upgrade your current set-up, including new water softeners and water filters. For more expert tips and advice, head to your local Ace and our helpful staff will make it easier to find the perfect products for you.