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About Fountains & Garden Ponds

Surround yourself in tranquility. A water fountain or garden pond from Ace Hardware adds relaxing background noise and a gorgeous look to your outdoor oasis. We have everything you need to complete your oasis with ease, including easy-to-install fountains and ponds, plus all the parts and accessories you need to keep them running for several seasons to come. Add the perfect amount of soothing décor to your backyard space by shopping our selection now.

Adding Ambiance with Fountains & Garden Ponds

The relaxing sound of gentle, trickling water adds a soothing and comforting atmosphere to any outdoor space. Create your own comforting outdoor oasis or add a charming touch to your backyard entertaining space with a water fountain or garden pond from Ace Hardware. 

Find out which one is best for your backyard by following these helpful tips.

  • Water Fountains: Our selection of water fountains combines the elegant look of an elevated sculpture with charming, tranquil features. Pumps and other tools easily move the water throughout the piece so you can relax in comfort and style without having to do any work. Find a style that matches your existing décor, or choose a water fountain that doubles as a bird bath to add function and sophistication to your backyard with ease.
  • Garden Ponds: The relaxing sound of trickling water never sounded better. Enhance your yard with a low-maintenance garden pond from our assortment. Low and nature-inspired, these ponds blend in with your yard's existing surroundings to add a charming look and feel to your garden. Find options with multiple tiers of rocks, lily pads and other enchanting decorations to provide an eye-catching and easy path for water to flow.

Fountain & Garden Accessories

If you'd rather create a custom backyard space from scratch, shop our selection of fountain parts and garden accessories. Here, you can find all the supplies you need to create your own unique outdoor oasis. Transform a pot into a chic fountain, create your own massive koi pond or create a flowing water path through your garden. Whatever you decide to create, our accessories, pond pumps, fountain parts and tubing will bring your project to life.

Pond Care Supplies

After you've found the perfect décor for your outdoor space, keep it looking great. Algaecides, cleansers, and clarifiers work to keep the water clear and healthy for wildlife. If you need to make any repairs to your koi pond, shop our selection of pond nets to keep your swimming friends safe.When you're ready to create a calm and relaxing retreat in your own yard, shop Ace Hardware for all the tools and supplies you need. Use the helpful tool along the left side of the page to sort these fountains and supplies to match your preferences and the feel of your backyard. Get started on your next project now!