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About House Numbers

House numbers do more than add curb appeal to your home. When they stand out, address numbers make it easy for visitors, mailmen and delivery services to quickly locate your house. At Ace Hardware, we offer a variety of home address numbers in an assortment of sizes, styles, colors and finishes to perfectly match your house's exterior. Shop Ace today to find the right upgrade for your home.

Choosing the Right House Numbers

Exterior house numbers are a beautiful and convenient way to identify your home to visitors, package delivery services and a whole host of other important purposes. At Ace, we make it easy to find the right numbers for your place.

Use these simple tips to help you select the right house numbers for you:

  • Make sure your address numbers are large enough to be seen from the street.
  • Take one of your existing house numbers with you when you go shopping to ensure you pick the right size. To make your home even easier to find, look for numbers that are bigger than what you currently have.
  • Consider your lot size. If you have a large front yard or driveway, you'll need much larger home address numbers to help visitors find your home.
  • Shop for a color that will stand out from the rest of your home's décor.

Helpful Hint: When hanging your exterior house numbers, make sure you leave a little space between each number. Putting your numbers too close together will make your address harder for drivers to see.

Pick your Style

With so many styles of home numbers to choose from, it's easy to find one that matches your exterior. We recommend shopping these finishes and colors based off of your home's current look:

  • Traditional homes: Shop solid brass or old world bronze numbers. This style takes a vintage approach that provides your home with a quality, classic aesthetic.
  • Transitional homes: Black or colonial black numbers. This style takes both a modern and vintage approach, providing your home with a finish that stays on-trend for years.
  • Modern homes: Nickel house numbers. This style looks great on paneling and stands out on modern exterior colors like light gray, bright white, and taupe.

Helpful Hint: Consider vinyl or plastic house numbers for areas that are exposed to the elements, since these numbers can withstand long sun exposure better than metal finishes.

Building your first home or upgrading your exterior is easy with Ace. Find your favorite new house numbers in the style, color and material you love online or at your local Ace Hardware store today. Then, make sure you have everything you need to complete your project with durable, high-quality sign hardware and accessories.